Entertainment Weekly On ‘Girl Meets World,’ Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel meet parenting

Entertainment Weekly

May 27, 2014

On ‘Girl Meets World,’ Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel meet parenting

By: Sandra Gonzalez

It’s a rehearsal day on the Girl Meets World set. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have traded the polished working-adult garb they wear on taping days in favor of casual, loose-fitting T-shirts. They have gathered in Savage’s dressing room for their interview, and though they play the parents on Disney’s upcoming Boy Meets World spin-off, sitting side-by-side cross-legged on the floor, they look just as youthful as when viewers first watched them on the small screen in 1993. read more

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My Little Girl

I got Anna when I was 18.  I had just moved out of my parents’ house and on the outside I was a strong, independent, and ready to take on the world woman.  On the inside, I was a little scared, lonely, and unprepared to handle all of the decisions one has to make when suddenly given so much freedom.  I bought Anna at a pet store before I knew that most pet store dogs come from puppy mills and that rescuing an animal was a much better alternative.  I went into a back room with five little dogs.  A couple Yorkies, two Maltese pups, and one Chihuahua.  The other four dogs didn’t seem to care that I was there.  One went and peed in the corner, another did circles chasing its tail, and two others just barked at people walking by.  Anna, on the other hand, walked her tiny 1.5 pound body over to my lap.  I put my hand under her butt and she walked up my chest and over to my neck.  She curled into a little ball and fell asleep with my hand under her body.  She chose me and I promised to give her a life filled with cuddles, toys, good food, and a warm bed. read more

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I am officially a college graduate!  I took my last two undergraduate finals today and I am so happy, relieved, and proud.  Yeah, I’m super proud of myself. :)

I went back to school 4 years ago at 27 years old.  I had attempted to go a couple times before then, even going so far as to take my placement exams and sign up for classes, but I could never follow through and actually go.  I was too afraid of being the old lady in class, of being whispered about, and especially of not remembering how to do simple math equations.  After my 27th birthday, I made the decision to stop letting fear be a factor in fulfilling my dreams and living the life I wanted, so with a little encouragement from friends and family, I enrolled. And I went. I went every day and took copious notes and studied my little old lady heart out.  Yes, I was sometimes the oldest person in class, I was whispered about many times, and I did forget how to do a few math equations.  But I persevered and sometimes I wasn’t the oldest person in class, some of the whisperers became good friends, and I did so well in math, I even became a tutor. And that is how I met my fiancé. :) read more

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Fan.  I hate that word.  The word fan originally came from the word “fanatic” and I don’t like thinking of anyone that way. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate those of you who support me and have given me words of encouragement and stories about how I may have impacted your life. But I don’t think of you as “fans.”  I think of you as friends I haven’t met who have incredible taste. ;)

With that said, I would like to ask you all a favor. If and when you ever see me in person, please come up and say hello. By all means, ask to take a picture with me.  I have said no to people on two occasions; I was leaving a funeral or I was coming home from a 4:30am workout. Otherwise, I have ALWAYS taken a picture with someone. I like doing it. It makes me happy to make you happy and I love seeing where you post our picture online and what you say about our encounter. I am a nice person but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a bitchy side. Trust me, I have one. If you ever want to see my bitchy side, see me out in public and try to take a picture of me, without asking, with your cell phone…preferably while I’m eating wings. read more

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